Joel Freeson Carico : Architect

This is a project created as a submission for an open competition run by Arquitectum (  The task was to design an apartment / condominium building for a site in Lima, Peru.

From the competition program:

The initiative set forth by ARQUIA, a new real estate company concerned with world-class project competitions, is based on the need to create a new image for the apartment buildings in one of Lima’s most beautiful residential areas: San Isidro.  The aim is to provide a building that will add a significant new element to the local architecture, thereby creating a new generation of buildings that will become recognizable benchmarks of the quality available in the contemporary real state market.

The architecture of this new building should distinguish itself from its context (without attacking that context), but above all it should represent contemporary tendencies, standing out by virtue of its singular architectural design whilst at the same time integrating itself into the urban framework of San Isidro.


The apartments building in question should be a prototype model for the most important residential areas in Lima.

In other words, this project should add to the urban image of San Isidro, whilst at the same time emphasizing its contemporary character as a 21st century building destined not only for the district in which it is to be built, but also for the global village.

And that is why ARQUIA is not asking for the design to comply with current regulations in Peru, but rather with international standards of quality, technology and architectural design.  In this way a precedent will be set in terms of local standards, thereby revitalizing the local market and imposing a paradigm of quality never seen before in the industry.

The project should be capable of reflecting not only contemporary architectural tendencies, but also set a precedent in terms of family dwellings on a global level.

These images were provided to all entrants as examples of typical buildings in the San Ysidro area of Lima.
Example of the design level desired for the units.
An Inca shrine known as the Huaca Huallamarca is a revered historical monument that is part of the neighborhood.  This is a view of the shrine from the building site.
View of the building site. The two-story white building is to be demolished. The west side of the new project faces the concrete building on the left.